Sunday, May 15, 2011

Embrace your inner bitch.

I am very happy to announce the upcoming release of my mens and womens clothing labels, bastard & bitch, for summer 2011. They will be available above the Rustica sim in a completely new store designed for simplicity and ease of use, a new low-lag environment that is a very new direction for me both visually and functionally. I am aiming for an opening the first week of July and am planning a runway show on the sim. This is still a tentative date, and depends on how many items I can complete by then, and being able to line up an agency, etc...the thousand and one details to complete so I can open.

The clothing styles will be primarily urban casual and modern, though I will be designing an occasional fantasy item as well. From sculpted mens chinos to womens boots and handbags, from contemporary backpacks to gothic BDSM armor, I have a lot of designs in progress already. My sketchbooks have been filling up during the almost two years that I have been planning this radical departure from my years working in the furniture, housing and landscape markets.

One of my primary objectives with this new store, aside from being able to design something completely new and different, was to provide another much needed resource for the men in second life to shop for unique clothing and accessories. Its often hard to find more than a few shops with simple, interesting and high quality items for my avatar, particularly that blend with my existing inventory. This is what I will attempt to create for the men of second life. Bastards!

Bitches, you know who you are and you will not be ignored! My new store design is literally split down the middle, and I will design an item for the ladies of second life as often as for the men, 1 for 1. I have a lot of accessories, tops, jackets, boots, bags, belts and pants already started or sketched out, and I am having a lot of fun exploring all the many possibilities that your fashion demands.

In closing, let me clarify that the brand names I have chosen are not meant in a derogatory manner whatsoever. In fact, I see both names as empowering and offer them as terms of respect, not contempt. Embrace them as I have; If someone calls you a bitch or a bastard, let them know just how right they are, and leave them a plate full of envy to chew on. My clothing is made to be as subtle as you are, and I look forward to seeing it on you.

Maxwell Graf, bastard.


  1. Excited to see what you do my friend. I know it'll be awesome! <3

  2. and as always you will be the leader of new and different max....ya bastard!!!!!LOL

  3. The first exciting thing to happen to SL fashion and I hope to be among the first to flaunt my inner (and outer) bitch.

  4. /me waits to hear the fire alarm :) The store looks amazing... unless you changed it, then I'll reserve judgement till I see it LOL Love your work ;)

  5. I have an itch,
    to be a bitch!

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  7. To Quote Roman Moroni "You fargin sneaky bastage"

  8. max dahhhlllink, i must tawk te yoo bout an a maze ink think i fownd ooot there in tha reel o sphere mahhktplayss. pleas eye emm fwee inwurrld. phew, fwee weed.

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